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About Lucille's


This is Lucille, she is the best grill our founder Chuck Cantrell has ever owned. He loves that grill so much he named his barbecue products after her. Chuck says that Lucille must have loved his special rubs and sauces so much that she treated them like her favorite children. Try Lucille's Favorite and create a barbecue success that your friends and neighbors will rave about. We guarantee you will love it or your money back.

Lucille's Favorite is about Chuck celebrating the barbecue traditions of his childhood. He makes the best barbecue sauces and rubs that transport him back to those hot summer days of his youth in St. Louis. Barbecues are special.

"Barbecues have always been special for me since I was a little kid and I want them to be special for you too. I remember that sweet, spicy scent of barbecue ribs cooking low and slow over the blue smoke of a hickory fire on our grill. It meant only one thing to me, the flavor of summer."

- Chuck Cantrell